Addy's Thanksgiving Feast

Today at Addy's school her preschool class gave a nice little Thanksgiving presentation.  It was so cute!  Avery is all ready to celebrate Thanksgiving too!  Just a few days a way.  What I am thankful for this weekend is that besides German school we have no other activities going on!  So looking forward to hanging out here at home.  Have a Happy Weekend!


Shauna said…
You're such a great mom Kelleyn. Not that this post is at all about anything specific you do as a mother, but there is a spirit of such love, tenderness and devotion that comes through this post for me. I really admire the love you have for your kids. Happy weekend. Love,

Shauna xoxoxox
Francesca said…
very cute! we're also looking forward to a quiet sunday tomorrow :)

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