Another Weekend

The weeks seem to go by so fast these days, and here we are on Friday again. Tonight Winston is going camping with the Boy Scouts.  They are going to Panther Creek.  Some of the boys have been before and for others, it will be their first time.  It is so cold today I hope they will be warm enough tonight.  While it would be fun to see the falls, I am glad I will be nice and snug in my bed tonight. Tonight we are having the sister missionaries from our church over for dinner. Families in our church congregation or as we call it ward take turns feeding them each night.  I am still not sure what I am going to feed them. Last time I made potato soup.  Maybe, I will make a roast chicken with potatoes and gravy.  Roman and Addy have German school in the morning.  They will probably start working on their Christmas program as it is only a few weeks away, and Harris is going to a dance tomorrow night.  I hope it will warm up a little this weekend as I still have the girl's photos to take for our Christmas card.  I would even like to take a group shot of all the kids if I can manage it!  This week I was in Publix our local grocery store when I found these pretzel bread.  I was so excited as these are really typical of Germany.  They seem to have become all the rage of Hamburger joints  Well they found their way into my cart and for a few minutes, I traveled back to Germany as I made a sandwich of butter, salami, Swiss Cheese, and tomato. The only thing missing from the line up was freshly squeezed apple juice for the local farmers sold in the city center or a glass of Apfel Scoerle a favorite drink of Germans made from half apple juice and half sparkling water.  Well, I hope you have a great weekend.  What is on your agenda this weekend?


Francesca said…
oh, yes, do try to get a group photo!!
i always have a hard time thinking of a menu for guests, though in this season polenta is always a good choice for us.
i'm sure that whatever you end up cooking, it will be delicious!
happy weekend!
Shauna said…
I love Salami. It's so good. This weekend is busy with photo shoots, flag football, some of our kids are babysitting. It's so busy with teenagers and little kids. But I love it!! Take care and have a great time,

Shauna xoxo
nadine paduart said…
i think you show us exactly what you want to give for dinner to the missionaries! no fuss, but good, honest food. i hope you enjoyed the time, and that good looking sandwich. n♥

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