Conner Prairie

I am not sure if you remember, but last weekend we went to Indianapolis to meet up with some other families who were in our travel group when we picked up Avery.  Anyway, Erin and her family had to go back to their home, but Stephanie and her family stayed with us over night in Indianapolis.  There really wasn't a clear plan of what we were going to do the next day except do some swimming; however, I had mentioned to a friend of mine who lives there that we were spending another day in the area and she suggested we go to Conner Prairie.  I took a look at their website and was so excited to take the children there as it is a historical park sponsored by the Smithsonian.  This park is a true treasure. The children had so much fun petting the animals, playing old fashioned games, and seeing how people lived back in 1823.  A first for me was seeing a pair of Oxen.  I never realized how big they are!  They are probably about twice the size of a cow. They are huge!  After spending a good part of the day at Conner Prairie, we went back to Stephanie's hotel  where the children swam and for dinner we ordered pizza.  It was another perfect day! Thanks to Stephanie and her family for staying with us the additional day in Indianapolis.  The children all played together perfectly.   I should mention that Harris, Winston, and Frank stayed back in Atlanta.  Given all the children were so little I figured the big boys would have more fun staying home.  They did!  Frank and the boys went swimming, a trip to Subway was made, and I even think some slushies were bought at the local gas station.


Dana said…
Looks like a great place. I hope you all have a fantastic summer. We will have a few weeks to go before we start! ACK.

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