Indianapolis Reunion

It has been almost 5 months since Frank, Winston, and I boarded the plane for China and I still struggle with putting our experience into words.  Amazing doesn't do it justice.  I sit here and stare at the screen.  Time is ticking away and in a few hours I will have to get up and start a new day.  I write a few words and then I erase them not because I don't have anything to say, but because the words are so dear to me and how does one put something like that on paper.  God whispered in our hearts to go to China and we listened.  A family was broken and out of that tragedy our families love was increased and blessed by the miracle of Avery. She is really a miracle. On our adoption journey we have made some really amazing new friends.  In the group that traveled with us to China were 5 families from our adoption agency we will be forever linked by our experience.  While in China we promised to keep in touch.  We even went so far as to hatch a plan to get together as soon as possible.  Stephanie's husband had taken their girls to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis and seen an announcement for a China exhibit, we all agreed that would be perfect to take our children too!A date was set for Memorial weekend. Sadly Lindsey couldn't make it with Marcus as they are in the middle of moving and Stacy could not come with Zoe as they live to far away to drive by car.  They were missed and we hope they can come next time.  On Friday, I picked up Roman from his last day of school and we drove with the and my mother to Kentucky where we stayed overnight with Stephanie and her family. The next morning we drove 90 minutes north to Indianapolis where we met Erin and her family at the Indianapolis Children's Museum. The museum and the exhibit were amazing!  The children has so much fun playing together. The girls have grown so much since January. We finished off the day with going out to Chinese for dinner.   It was a perfect day!


What a wonderful trip. The bond you share with those families is like no other. We are still in touch with Lily's Gotcha Day families from 10 years ago and they are all amazing.
Can you imagine trying to explain this bond to a family who hasnt adopted? Adoption rocks, LOL
Francesca said…
a perfect day. hope you can make it a tradition!
Leggio said…
What a fun day to spend with friends forever connected through adoption. We made great friends too the last time we traveled. It is so awesome how God connects us. Leaving for China in 2 days. :)
The McIntires said…
I love this!! I wish we lived close enough to our travel group to be able to do this.

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