This weekend Winston played his last game of the soccer season.  His team went undefeated.  He has really formed a great bond with these boys.  Sadly not all of the boys will be moving up with him in the fall as not all of them turn twelve by the cut off date.  Way to Go Galaxy!

On another note, there are only 9 school days left this year.  It seems like the school years are going by faster and faster!  The children are having a hard time focusing on their studies as  it has been 88 degrees this past week and the pool is calling them.

This past week I went to see the movie The Other Woman.  It was hilarious!  Frank is finally home.  He was in Mexico this past week getting additional certification for scuba diving.  Harris and him want to be Master Divers.  They will head south to Florida in June with the Boy Scouts to attend a special camp called Sea Base!

Well, it is late and I am exhausted.  I went to Zumba today and am terribly sore!  Can't wait for my head to hit the pillow.  Please say a prayer for my son Harris today as he is taking his AP test today in Human Geography.


pve design said…
Congrats to "Galaxy" on a winning season! Wishing you a great day and good thoughts to your son taking his AP test.
Thanks for your comment and for popping in to say hello. Hope you keep up with Zumba! I'd like to try that.

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