Fall Break

I am still here!  I haven't fallen off the planet and haven't forgotten about my blog.  It is just that right now I have so much going on and in order to keep all the balls that I am juggeling right now from crashing down I had to hold off from posting.  Last week was fall break for my children.  We headed south while at the same time painters came and painted the inside of my house.  Our house was in desperate need of repainting.  The house looks amazing, but back to heading south.  We went to Orlando.  I think it is becoming our family tradition as we have now spent the last 3 Thanksgivings in Orlando.  I mentioned in front of the kids that next year I think we should just stay home and all said, "No, it's a tradition mom and we have to come back next year.  We shall see!  On Friday, Roman and I headed to Magic Kingdom while the big boys and Addy hung out with papa.  We were joined by our good friends Simona and Michaela "Bubu".  Roman was so cute.  As we would approach a ride he would be initially nervous, but then afterwards have a big smile on his face.  His favorite ride is the Buzz Lightyear to Infinity and Beyond ride.  While we had a great time, it was even better because we got to share it with friends.


tinajo said…
You seem to have had a great time - and if the kiddos say it´s tradition, it IS tradition..! ;-)

Stephanie said…
Aww, I hope you guys had so much fun! Sounds like the very best tradition!
WOW! Disney before China~ that is awesome!!! What fun! XOXO

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