Dreaming of a White Christmas

I can't say a white Christmas is in our future with tempetures today of 70 degree, but one can hope.  Roman is dreaming of making a snow man, sledding, and making snowballs.  In the mean time, we decided to make these melted snowmen sugar cookies and read Snowmen at Night.  A fun story of what snowmen do when all are sleeping a night.
While Roman is dreaming of snow, I am dreaming of holding this sweet little girl in my arms.  On Tuesday, our Article 5 was picked up at the U.S. Consulate in China and we are officially waiting TA the final step in the adoption process prior to going over to China (travel approval).  This should come in the next 7-21 days.  I am of course praying for way under 21 days as we are hoping to leave for China on the 1st of January in hopes of having a Gotcha day of January 6th.  Please pray along with us!

So it is Friday!  What do you have planned for the weekend?  We are planning to go to our cities tree lighting ceremony.  The boys need haircuts and I am looking forward to just relaxing.


Dana said…
My fingers are crossed for you on an earlier date rather than a later one! I am still so very excited for your family :)

Cute cookies!
Oh my gosh, isn't she the cutest!! You and the family have been in our prayers for months and it seems like things are finally coming together for you.
She is soooo adorable. What an absolutely amazing and lovely thing to do, I hope your papers come through super quickly. Fingers crossed, Dxx
The McIntires said…
Praying for a fast TA!! How exciting! I'll never forget the relief and emotion when we got TA!!
Shauna said…
Love the cookies. And I'm so excited for you! We have been prayig all along and it's working. You are very blessed, things are working out and this is so exciting to be a part of. Thank you,

Shauna xoxoxoxo
Tera said…
Cute video! Hope you travel when you want!!
Unknown said…
I've always wanted to try those melting snowman cookies. Yours turned out adorable!
Maureen said…
How is it that I am just now catching up on your blog???!!! Love this video -- she is such a cutie. Fingers crossed for your TA.
Francesca said…
hope all goes smoothly!

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