And we are Off

It's time to go!  We are off to China!  I can't believe the day is finally here!  So many emotions are floating around in my head.  What a miracle the past 15 months have been!  If you would have asked me 2 years ago if we would be adding another child to our family, I would have told you Nope- we  are done;however, the Lord had other plans.  Slowly he placed the desire in each of our hearts to add another child to our family.  First it was just a thought in passing and then the desire grew stronger and stronger with each passing day.  We  both knew our family was not complete. Would I have ever thought my husband would ever considered adoption 16 months ago, absolutely not as he has expressed to me over and over he wasn't interested in growing our family in this way, but the Lord knew what he was doing when he placed several families in my husbands path that had positive experiences with adoption. 15 months later we are getting ready to board a plane in just a few hours for China and I can't wait to recieve this beautiful little girl into our family.  Like Marie said in the Sound of Music, " I must have done something good."  I am blessed.  Blessed beyond measure.

Here is our Itenerary:

Jan 1/2 we spend traveling depart Atlanta and arrive in Beijing on Thursday afternoon.  Will probably exchange money, eat dinner, and go to bed.

Jan 3 we will tour either the Great Wall of China, Beijing, and attend an acrobat show.

Jan 4  sightseeing

Jan 5 rest and travel to Zhengzhou the capital of Henan.  Children are taking to the capital of their state and so this is where we will recieve Avery.  We will get there just in time to go to bed.

Jan 6 Avery Day!  Head back to hotel, maybe walk around the park and get to know our daughter.

Jan 7 Finalize the adoption.  Head to registration office and sign the paperwork to tell China-Yes we want her.  Afterwards we will travel to her hometown Zhoukou and  pick up paperwork that is necessary for her to get a passport.  See where she lived, though we will not go inside as her orphange does not allow visits.

Jan 8 Free Day -maybe head to the musem.

Jan 9 Frank and Winston head back to Beijing and back to the U.S.

Jan 10 wait for paperwork

Jan 11 Fly to Guangzhou.  This is where all the American side of the paperwork is processed.  My friend Lucy arrives, maybe do a little shopping, and go out for dinner.

Jan 12 Sunday-do some house keeping paperwork.  Go to church and meet other adoptive moms for dinner at Tequila's for dinner.  There are about 5 of us who have been going through the process at the same time and met through facebook.

Jan 13th Medical appt -maybe go to Safari Park

Jan 14th go back to make sure Avery passed her TB test.  Shopping on Shaiman Island and Pearl River Crusie.

Jan 15th a free day.  Heading to the Grotto to see the Buddahs.

Jan 16 Consulate Appt

Jan 17 get Avery's documents and head to Hong Kong.

Jan 18th Spend the day in Hong Kong seeing the giant Buddah, seeing the harbour, going to the top of Victoria Peak.  Head to Hotel.

Jan 19th Head back to Atlanta and become a family of 7.  Welcome to America Miss Avery!

So it Looks like 2014 is going to be a fantastic New Year!  I wish you and your family
 a very Happy New Year and may it bring nothing but joy and happiness into your life.  


Praying you there and back. Take in every moment! I have been ALL the places you are going so I will be reliving our days there. Z is where we got Evie! Let me know who your guide is! Praying for sweet Avery too! Blessings and love!!!
dawn said…
Have a safe trip. That is an action pack
Jed itinery..
Cannot wait to see baby Avery in your arms
tinajo said…
Goodness, what a schedule! Good luck to you! :-)
Best of luck to you! You will be in my thoughts for the next couple weeks - sending prayers your way that everything will go smoothly. Love your itinerary - looks like you will get to enjoy the area also - what a great opportunity. I will especially be thinking of you on the 6th - your got'ya day!! Happy New Year. Can't wait to see more photos of Avery with you!
Best wishes for a fun and memory making adoption adventure. Praying all goes well and you enjoy every moment in Avery's birth country. Do all you can - take lots of pictures and try to take it all in - living in the moment.
We were in Guangzhou and Hong Kong our whole trip. I can tell you those two places are wonderful!
Blessings to you all
Prayers from Ohio
JAnderegg said…
So excited for you. Have fun, you'll be in our prayers!
The McIntires said…
Such wonderful memories seeing your itinerary brings back for me. Enjoy every second of it!!!
3 Peanuts said…
So excited for you!!! Will pray everyday that it all goes smoothly:)

I'll keep you in my thoughts, hoping that all goes without hiccups. Avery... what a beautiful name for a gorgeous little girl. xxx

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