Pike's Peak

Buffi with Winston

Winston striking a pose!

Buffi my best friend of 27 years

Mountain Sheep

 Couldn't resist taking a photo of those freckles.

At the Top

At 14,110 feet, Pike's Peak located 10 miles south of Colorado Springs, Colorado and is just one of 54 (14,000 feet peaks) in the Rocky Mountain chain; however, it is the most eastern of the peaks.  It is worth the trip going up, and while I like to climb this baby takes hours to climb which isn't something I wanted to do with a six year old with a heart condition, so we took the Cog Railway which is a three hour journey round trip.  You can also drive to the top, but I thought it would be more fun to take the train.  We saw so many animals along the way such as mountain sheep, marmots, birds, and deer.  The guide has said they have seen a bear or two along the way.  If you decide to visit, make sure you drink plenty of water and bring a warm jacket.  The temperatures at the top are considerably cooler than below and the water will help you from getting altitude sickness.  I definitely felt the altitude and caught myself getting dizzy on a couple of occasions.  The view from above is beautiful!  If you are familiar with the song America the Beautiful than you won't be surprise that the view from the top was what gave the writer the inspiration for the poem that was turned into a song.  Winston and Roman thought it was cool that you can see all the way to Kansas.  Don't forget to taste the warm doughnuts up at the visitors center too!  They were fresh, hot, and very tasty! 


Shauna said…
All with your best friend! How wonderful. So glad you got the trip in. Beautiful pictures. Take care,

Shauna xo
jane said…
it seems like everyone i know is in colorado now. :) have a great time! have you seen the ambulances? how cool are the people living there? :)
big hugs k!
simply bev said…
Though I like all of your photos, the "freckles" photo is my favorite...what a cutie!
Please feel free not to publish this. I just don't have a way to contact you and wasn't sure if you got my other message. I saw that you wanted to sign up for my LR class and wasn't sure if you got the link. Just wanted to say I didn't get anything from you, in case you did think you signed up and it didn't go through or something. NO pressure. Just didn't want you to get left out as we're getting started Monday with some prediscussion.
Info is here http://nancyvnjourney.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html
And sign up is here
Look forward to having you there, Kellyen!
Francesca said…
the train sounds good to me too (and the doughnuts!) :)
Awesome pictures! Hope you guys are having a great summer! From the looks of the pictures you are. Freckles and smile gotta love it!
Unknown said…
We will have to try the train one of these days. We didn't see any animals going up in the car.

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