Garden of the Gods

Hi!  We are home and are now getting ready to start school on Thursday!  I can't believe summer is over for us, but we sure did have fun!  This past week, Roman, Winston, Addy, and I flew out to Colorado Springs, Colorado where we spent the last 6 days with my best friend and her family.  The kids had a blast!  My best friend has 6 children, so there was never a shortage of excitement and fun.   On Saturday, we visited a geological park called the Garden of the Gods.  Sadly my photos don't do the park justice.  If you ever go to Colorado Springs it is so worth seeing.  I wish we had  more time to spend there because their are so many cool hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails.  Maybe next time!  What did you do this past week?  Well, I am off to take Winston to pick up his school schedule and get his locker assignment.  More photos to come this week! 


Di said…
I loved the Gardens of the Gods - and the area around Colorado Springs. I am glad that you all had a great time and I hope that the kids enjoy getting back to school!
Shauna said…
I love the first ride. It looks like the top of a ride at Disneyland. These pictures are great!! You always take great photos. Glad you had a great summer. Can't believe we are headed to school. Amazing. Love,

Shauna xo
Looks like a great place! I love places where kids can just walk around and everyone can have fun taking in the scenery!

Can't believe you are starting school on Thursday. But then finished much earlier than us. We start back the first week in September - but I'm sure this month will fly by. We are currently enjoying the Dordogne region (2.5 hours East of Bordeaux) for a couple of weeks. Nice to be out in the country. Good luck with the start of school!
Unknown said…
It's so crazy we were there at almost the same time. Hopefully you didn't get rained on too much on Saturday!
Anonymous said…
school already?! i have another month to get used to the idea, and ready for the crazy schedule.
Erica (Irene) said…
The pictures are great and cute brother is around there now, he went for holidays there in Colorado.
Love your blog...I'm now a follower.

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