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While one may think we are constantly traveling we spent the majority of the summer at home.  This year I did not sign up the little kids for camps because I wanted a more relaxed summer.  Roman loves to do projects; especially, science projects.  He got a kick out of putting eggs in various liquids and seeing what happens.  One of the liquids was vinegar.  It dissolves the shell.  What would summer be without making a little slime, and every little boy loves explosion hence Mentos in Coke bottle were another bucket list item. Following the coke explosion, a little Harry Potter Butter Beer was up next and that was a huge hit and I don't know about your kids but Roman loves doing art projects.  He made the cutest Eagle around the 4th of July, and with all these project on the agenda we worked up an appetite and devoured these s'more brownies.  Yummy!  Well it is Labor Day weekend and amazingly I am at home this weekend.  Harris and Frank are in Key Largo getting certified for deep water scuba diving.  I am at home with the other children which is fine because I have a ton of paper work to do for the finalization of our adoption. Just when I thought we were done they sent me more. Ha!  I am also working on putting together Addy's new bedroom so that I can transition her out of her crib.  Hope you have something fun on your holiday agenda, and if not then you can always try one of the fun project we did recently.  Have a great weekend!


Will definitely have to try one of your projects. I have girls who love Science - and I can see some big wide eyes from exploding bottles!

No Holiday weekend in France..School starts Tuesday for my girls, my husband starts back a work tomorrow..La Rentree is upon us! Still trying to do the last minute organizing but I think we are all set.

I'm sure you are so excited about the adoption that the paperwork is minor! Best wishes to all of you - can't wait to see photos!

When you have a chance..our news is that we are staying in France..just posted about that today. We have known for a while, but needed time to put it all into words.

Wishing you a lovely Labor Day!
tinajo said…
Sounds like fun activities for you and your kiddos! :-)

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