First Day of School 2013


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 1st Grade

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Summer has come to and end and the children are back at school.  Harris took a test on the first day of school and was bumped up to German 2.  Winston is thrilled to be in middle school. 
Roman wishes he could stay home.  There have been a few tear shed.  I think Addy would be happy to take his place. She will go to preschool 2 days a week.   Am  I sad? Not one single bit!  It means I can go back to the gym and get all my stuff done before they get home.  Have you started school yet where you live?  


dawn said…
Yours all seem to have grown so much this summer. I love the fresh faces all ready for school....and Addy, ready for school but not yet big enough.

Next Monday and I am so sad. Summer flew by so quickly and i love love love having my girls at home with me. I swear I would home school them if they wouldn't end up dumb as bricks.
Arctic Mum said…
My daughter starts 1st grade on Monday too:) And Anna is in preschool (Kindergarten) every day, she loves it!
tinajo said…
They look so cute - my boys start school tomorrow and they are looking forward to it! :-)
What a beautiful family you have! I agree with you I was never sad....I was a better Mom having everything done so once they were home I was 100% theres! Happy Wednesday!
Tera said…
Thank you for commenting on our blog! Sounds like we are in the same place right about now--maybe we will get good news together!
Francesca said…
i always feel like Roman when school year starts!
marie said…
My kids started this week and I am like you....happy. I love the schools thy are attending, their teachers, and the fact that all of my kids truly love school! Of course I wish we were still playing but I guess all good things must come to an end. My my you are busy with all of those different ages!!!!
Beautiful children and hope they had a great first day back!!! I know it will be a great year! XO
Unknown said…
They all look so cute!

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