Hello Monday


Hello cooler temperatures and  to mint tea and lemon crinkle cookies
 Good bye summer
Hello pulled pork sliders
Good Bye to lazy weekends and Hello weekend soccer
Hello Monday morning shopping run with the cutest Queen of the cart.

We had a great weekend spent relaxing, watching our children playing soccer, and having dinner with old friends who now live in Kuwait.  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?


tinajo said…
I mostly rested but that was nice too - love these pics and the kiddos are nothing else but adorable! :-)
Francesca said…
i wish i could say goodbye to tennis for a season! :)
Becs said…
Your cooler days look much warmer than ours! Very sweet pictures and mint tea and lemon cookies sound lovely. Have a happy week. :)
We turned on the heat today....it is so much cooler than a week ago! Great pictures of your lil kiddos! Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Angela said…
Lovely photos of the kids! Oh darling head of curls that baby has!! So cute. The temps have finally gotten lower here here too. We had such high temps and for so long. Happy Autumn for you!!
Stephanie said…
What sweet photos of the kiddos! We've started to cool off here as well, and I LOVE IT!
Unknown said…
Cute pictures! I'm ready for fall, except for the weekend soccer part.
Ayak said…
Lovely photos Kelleyn. I love this time of year..saying goodbye to the heat of summer.
Shauna said…
I also love this time of year. Good riddins to the heat, and it doesn't even get hot here....hahaha. I love the fall. We had a good weekend. We have been organizing our house, redid your small backyard and cleaned out the garage, since my brother in law moved out. We've been working hard.

Miss you


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