Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday, but since it is a Monday we decided to celebrate over the weekend.  This year I took things into my own hands and made this amazing cake (this was only 1/2 the recipe and the other half went to neighbor).  My husband who isn't much of a chocolate cake fan loved the cake. It was so moist and flavorful.  I made the cake with my new Turquoise Kitchen Aide mixer that I got for my birthday.  I love it!

I went to this new restaurant called Bite with a bunch of my girl friends.  One of them had read a review about it in the newspaper.  The food was fantastic!  I had the grilled steak salad.  I need to find time to drive up there again because I really want to try their fish taco's.

I went to see the movie The Word with my mom and friend Lucy.  I am not sure if I liked it or not. I didn't hate it, but the movie left you kind of hanging.  It was a story in a story in a story.  At times I wasn't really sure what Dennis Quaid's relationship was to the other two stories.  It definitely left me thinking. 

I just started to read the book The Thread.  I hope it is good.  Well,  I am off to the hospital this morning.  I am going to be volunteering this year to help other parents who have been given the diagnoses that their child has a heart problem.  I am so excited.  Not excited that they have to go through what our family with, but excited that I can hopefully help them in some way.  Hope you had a great weekend. 


tinajo said…
Congrats on your day - I hope it will be a great one! I´m glad you´re helping out at the hospital, they will need you. :-)
Anne said…
Happy Birthday! Have a fabulous day:)
Happy Happy Birthday!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag
Dana said…
Happy Birthday!
& thanks for giving of yourself for others :) I believe it is central to living.
Happy Birthday Kelleyn! I hope your day was truly wonderful!
Andi said…
Delicious! Love chocolate. And happy belated!
Rachel said…
Happy Belated Birthday Kelleyn! Your cake looks wonderful and I'm sure the apple pie and applesauce were, too!

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