Hello!  I am so glad it is Friday.  How about you?  Do you look forward to the weekends?  It has been a crazy week around here.  Grandpa was visiting us from Mesa, Arizona for the last 10 days.  We were so glad to have him here visiting us.  While he was here we drove down to my Great-Aunts Phyllis's house and visited with here and two of her children.  It sounds funny saying children because her children are older than I am.  Aunt Phyllis is the oldest surviving memember of our family.  She is so sweet!  Poor Adelaide caught a cold and it totally miserable.  She was finally able to sleep so today, but last night she could hardly breath and just as she would fall asleep she would have to cough.  Then with all that was going on I totally zoned out on an appointment for the orthodonist yesterday, and showed up with the whole gand today.  Ugh!  It totally sucks because I had to pull my oldest out of school and now I don't know if the otthodontist will give me an excuse slip.  Our state requires excuse slips everytime you pull your child out of school for an appointment.  I think it is nuts.  So, I have a new blog friend name Shauna and she tagged me.  Normally I don't do tags, but I thought I would at least answer the questions because I know there are a lot of new people who are reading my blog who might enjoy getting to know me better and maybe a few older readers who might enjoy know more about me too. 

1. My full name:  I would love to give my full name, but my husband is terrified of having an Elizabeth Smart scenerio and someone kidnapping our kids.  I keep telling my husband they would bring our children back 15 minutes after taking them.  What I can tell you is that my name prior to getting married was a good Irish name.  My name is Kelleyn, but people usually end of calling me Kelly or Kelly Lyn because they don't know how to pronounce my name.  I try to always tell people it is just Kelly with an n sound on the end
2. Have I ever been to a concert?  I went to see Journey when I was a teenager and when I graduated from college my cousin took me to see Sting.
3. Have I ever picked up a snake.  No, and I try to stay away from them as much as possible though it is hard since we live in Georgia and see one just about every spring here in our yard.
4. Favorite childhood book. As a child I loved the Little House on the Prairie book series and a book called Cheaper by the Dozen now since made into a movie.
5. What do you prefer to wear?  I live in Yoga pants and skirts.  Don't wear shorts that often because I think they kind of make me look fat
6. What is your favorite fiction novel? I loved Stones by the River, The Help, and the Book Thief.
7. Do you have a college degree?  Yes, my degree is in the social sciences which means that I specialized in psychology and sociology and I have a minor in Black Studies.
8. Where did you go to school?  Portland State.
9. What Religion are you?  I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints otherwise known as Mormon. I am a convert. I was raised Catholic.
10. I love going to the movies though I hate horror movies and can't understand why people would pay good money to see them when there is enough horror in real life
11. My husband and I married exactly one year from the day we met.

10 more things about me you might like to know.

 Has your blog changed since you first started blogging?
No, not really. The blog has always been a journal of our daily life and our travels. Only the style or fonts have really changed.
 Tell me what are the most expensive pair of shoes in your closet? I think the most expensive pair of shoes I have are a pair of sandals for $125 dollars.  The shoes designer did a hook up with Nike, so they are super comfortable but still cute.
 What did you eat for breakfast this morning?  I had a bowl of cinnamon oatmeal!  Usually, I have milk with my oatmeal, but I have been so busy today that I haven't had time to drink the milk.
Have you ever cut your hair short?  Yes, In 2009 I cut my hair super short.  If you would like to see a photo visit August 14, 2009 post.
   Favorite TV shows? My favorite TV show is Downton Abbey or Pan Am.  I love to watch TV, but don't have much time to watch it anymore.    Weirdly, I like Gold Rush too.  I somehow got addicted to it over Thanksgiving break.
   Speak another language?
I speak German and a little bit of Afrikaans.  Would love to learn how to speak Italian.  Maybe once I learn how to use my camera, I will take up learning Italian.

   Musical artist you can listen to over & over.
love a wide arrange of music, but I love ABBA and Sting.

What brings you inner peace?
Besides cooking a good meal and keeping a clean house.  I love being a good friend and neighbor and being of service to others.
Tell me something you're good at. C'mon, brag!
I wish it was photography because then I certainly would be much skinnier, but I would have to say I am a pretty darn good cook
The love of your life/ideal man in 5 words.
My husband is...such a great husband and father.  He puts us first before himself.  He works  very hard.  I guess that is more than 5 words, but how can you put into 5 words someone you love so much because he is certainly more than 5 words.

Oops, I just read the rules and questions asked of me.  So here they are quickly, my favorite meal to cook is usually always something Italian.  World leader that inspires me, Desmond Bishop Tutu, Queen Victoria, and Roosevelt.  Never wanted to live in another Era.  I am just happy with the one I live in now. 4 words that describe me are happy, loving, caring, and adventurous.  Nope, I don't wear makeup everyday.  Usually, only when I have to go to an appointment or church. I am passionate about traveling.  My favorite game to play would be Sorry or Uno. People always think I look like someone, but usually not someone famous just the  girl next door

I am sorry, but I am not going to tag anyone. I guess that makes me a rule breaker.  Instead of tagging anyone and you would like to play along, Tell me 2 things about yourself that I might not know about you.
Happy Weekend!


Shauna said…
I'm so glad you had many world leaders that inspire you. So many people couldn't answer!!! I could name hundreds.

I'm glad you broke the rules, it'a a lot of work to do these tags. So, good for you.

I love your name. And proud to say I've been pronouncing it correctly the whole my head. :)

Thanks for playing-it's great to get to know you better.

Take care,


PS, I'm a convert too, I was baptized when I was nineteen, I'm 33 now. It seems like it's been so long.

Great answers I really enjoy learning more about fellow blogger pals....sorry I've been recovering from vacation and not online as much....I wouldn't have tagged you these are hard to do sometimes I like them and other times I hate passing them on.

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