Summer Bucket List!

This week we checked off a couple more items on our summer bucket list. I have always wanted to take the boys fishing. Shouldn't every little boy go fishing once? We are lucky that we have one of those fish farms not too far away from our home. They provide the pole, the bait, and will even clean the fish for you when you are done. Can't get any better than that plus everyone goes away happy. When we got there the attendant asked Winston if he wanted corn or worms. Winston being pretty smart asked which was better. The guy told him that is didn't really matter because the fish liked both. Winston chooses worms. The funny part to this story is that he didn't want to hook the worms on the hook. Harris saved the day and hooked all the worms on for everyone. An hour later we had 5 fish packed in ice ready to go home and be cooked. What I love is that no tears were shed. Today we had the fish for dinner. They were delicious! Do you make summer bucket list? If so what kind of things do you put on your list?


Francesca said…
Nice way to get your dinner! :)
Dinner, fun and wonderful summer memories! Love the pictures great capture!
Silver Strands said…
Good for you for conquering the bucket list! And I say that's the way to go fishing ... guaranteed success!
Kelly said…
i should make one. But one thing I have wanted to do myself is go to Yosemite. We are going to go on Saturday. I am excited.
I dont have a summer bucket list, but did just bring home some fresh crab from the beach and make homemade crabcakes! Isnt fresh seafood the best?!
We are about half way through our list. You have an incredible family story.
Lisa said…
What is it about fishing and boys??? What a great way to spend a summer day. My husband tells me all the time he needs to fish more. have a great rest of the summer.
tinajo said…
Fun - and they actually got fish too, which is even better (since that doesn´t always happen)! Great pics of a fun time. :-)

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