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I can't really recall when I caught the Travel Bug.
It seems like I have been traveling all my life.
My first big trip was to Boston when I was 2!
Then we moved from California to Alaska when I was 10!  We drove the whole way.
When I was 17 my mom took me to Europe for 10  weeks. 
We went to England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Yugoslavia, and Greece.
Then I moved to South Africa for three months.
When I was 18 I had a crush on an Australian and spent 5 weeks living with his parents.  Kind of stupid of me, but I guess it was a learning experience and I got to visit Australia.  The traveling just continued from there. 

This next year will bring us to: Seattle, Washington ( 40th Birthday celebration), Orlando, Florida for Thanksgiving, Salt Lake City, Utah in December, Mannheim, Germany this summer and possibly Sicily, Italy if all things work out.  Maybe, this post should really be titled Obsession because I think I am obsessed with traveling.


Dana said…
Love it! What a brave, brave mother you have! Were you all on a guided trip? Is she from Europe?

Is your husband from Mannheim?
Lots of nosey questions today, I know.
Joyce said…
Travel is a wonderful passion to have. It is in your soul. :)
Heather said…
Travelling is one of my favorite things as well. My next big trip is in November. I am going to Kenya for a safari and talk about it so often, I'm afraid one of my co-workers is going to shove out a window if I don't stop!
Unknown said…
Great passion! You're always welcome to visit :)
Di said…
All that sounds fantastic - past, present and future! I had to smile at the - I spent 5 weeks staying with the parents of someone I had a crush on.
tanïa said…
Seems we have a great passion in common! I'm also keen on travelling and always look forward to my next trip. Had my first flight when I was 3, my grandparents took me along to Ibiza! I travelled my whole life, have been to many countries in whole Europe plus Rumania, Turkey and Morocco.

This year I have already been to 5 different countries (which isn't that much, as I live very close to the dutch and belge borders - I can drive to a dutch supermarket by bus in only 15 minutes!), my next trip will be in just a week, juchu!! :o))

I'd love to see more of other continents, but I like less and less being caged in a plane, so this is my only obstacle!
tinajo said…
I love travelling too, it´s so wonderful to see new buildings, people and flowers - and to feel new scents and taste new food. I couldn´t be without it and long SO much for my Chicago trip..! Not that long now! :-)
flowtops said…
You are very fortunate in that you are able to travel so much.

I travelled quite a lot when I was younger, but now the travelling road seems to be closed for us, at least for a while.

I don't really mind - for now I am content to travel in my head.
Arctic Mum said…
Great passion, I love traveling too, and hope to do more of that in the future. Funny how I keep making babies, traveling is a little bit harder then...the story of you going to Australia made me laugh, I have done similar things....Like staying back in Australia because of a guy I met the day before. (what's with Australians, made for holiday flings?)
nadine paduart said…
ha ha ha... obsession...
i miss traveling, although i dare say, i find i'm (mind) traveling with you lot, all of you, on corner view...
safe journeys to you all!!
;) said…
More than a passion, a way of living!!! And a beautiful one.
jane said…
when is spain going to make the list? :)
loved to have a coffee and here about all you adventures. you can start with australia ;)
Isabelle said…
whouaaa 10 weeks in Europe, it looks like an amazing trip ... same here we LOVE to travel !!
Theresa said…
When we travel and remove ourselves from our day-to-day lives,
something else within us can grow,
don't you think?
shayndel said…
Sounds great, like travel is a natural part of who you are,...a wonderful gift, and thanks for taking us along by sharing your excitement and passion!!
Happy travels!
Carrie said…
WELL..I do hope I get to see you when you are here! And maybe then I can express how utterly jealous I am of your traveling bug;)

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