Waiting it Out!

Hope you are having a great day!  I am stuck in bed most of the day trying to keep this baby in for a couple more weeks.  My amniotic fluid is low, so the doctor doesn't want me doing to much activity.  While I wouldn't mind her coming, I don't really want her to stay in the NICU either.  We have been there and done that and I think I will pass.   


Oh Kelleyn, I hope everything goes well with the pregnancy. Sending prayers your way from Utah!
Di said…
Paris is such a fantastic place! One of my favourite cities - which living in Scotland (and having friends that live there) means I get to about once a year.

Good luck with the bed rest and the baby! Enjoy catching up on all the blogs whilst you can!
McGillicutty said…
well well well where have I been, you're all busy awaiting the arrival of a girl to add to your brood! Congrats...
I love Paris it's where I decided to make my husband fall in love with me!! LOL!!
Hang in there I hope baby stay puts and all is well! Have a relaxing weekend!

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