Winston and Marc go to Leggoland

On Friday, Winston and his Oma headed south to Stuttgart to hook up with his Aunt Martina and Cousin Marc. This weekend was much anticipated as Winston has been looking forward to going to Legoland with his Oma and his cousin for years just like his brother Harris. Despite the weather on Saturday being yucky, the boys had a great time. Isn't that Albert Einstein made out of Leggo's cool? What did you do over the weekend?

Winston, Oma, Marc, and Martina

Oma with her boys!
Time to head Home!


What a great adventure! We took our boys there many years ago and M said it "desensitized" them, thus they now are roller coaster junkies!

How is the pregnacy going? You are due in a month or so, right? Sending prayers for a safe delivery. A
Francesca said…
We still have the lego pieces my siblings and I used to play with - lego is a lot of fun!

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