Preschool Days

                      Naveen, Roman, Jack, Ashiti, Kaylee, Milli, Arnav, Natalie, Jasmine, and ?

On Friday, Roman finished his first year of Preschool. He loved going to school each day. I am kind of a little sad that he will not be going back to this school next year. He formed such close bonds to all of the children in his class. Upon leaving he gave each and every one of his friends a big giant hug.  He learned so much and had really great teachers Ms. Yulonda and Ms. Kathy.   However, it is too far to drive.   He will attend a school much closer to our house come fall. Now the summer adventures begin.


What a cutie! Summer adventures.....hope they have a great one!
Francesca said…
I'm sure the new school will be just as good!
How cute is HE in the little chef hat and apron!
Marla said…
These are adorable shots. :)

Marla @
Arctic Mum said…
My six year old starts school in the autumn, up to now she's been in the kindergarten, all play and fun. Now it's getting serious, and I'm more nervous than she. She'll be one of nine girls only in two classes, and 23 boys! Seems like our area only habits six year old boys...guess there will be less girlie intrigues though..
jane said…
it does look pretty awesome. but i´m sure his next school will be just as awesome too. love these happy shots!

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