Let the fun begin!

                                   Kevin, Jonathan, Skyler, Sam,  Harris, Austin, and Robert.
Harris's birthday is actually in February, but this year he asked us if he could wait until the end of the school year and have his party when it was warmer weather. He wanted a pool party. He couldn't have made a better decision. The party was fantastic! The weather has been so hot here which is unusual for May, but the boys totally enjoyed playing at the pool. The created their own version of the TV show Wipe Out. No one was hurt thank goodness! Afterward, the boys came back to the house and ate pizza, chips, candy, and cake chased down by a battle on XBOX Kinect Sports. I knew the party was a success when one of the boys said to me unprompted, "Mrs. ---- This party is so cool. Thanks!" Let the summer fun begin!


Francesca said…
Love the funky candles!

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