St. Thomas Day 4

Do I need to say anything more?
We spent the day at Megan's Bay!
The water was freezing, but that didn't stop 
the boys from having a little fun.


M's cousin lives on St. Thomas. We've been telling each other that we need to go visit her for a little while now. Glad you had a wonderful trip!
Andi said…
Glad you had a fab trip! Never got the chance to tell you congrats on your pregnancy! Hope things are going smoothly...
Follygirl said…
A happy new year for you and your family!
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland, Petra
Leesa said…
Looks INCREDIBLE and your kids are having fun, for sure!! A nice getaway. I love the pic with all the cruise ships!
Unknown said…
It's freezing here! The beach sounds much better to me. Happy New Year!
Francesca said…
Those cruise ships are huge! Happy 2011!
Dana said…
So nice . . . .I am craving a warm beach right about now.
Happy New Year!
Jealous, jealous, JEALOUS!!! ;-)

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