While we slept

While we slept last night, 10 inches of snow fell over Atlanta and suburbia turning it into a winter wonderland. Schools were closed and highways were closed after sadly 30 fatalities occurred. Despite the snow, I had a hard time getting myself out of bed this morning. My pregnant body only wants to sleep. In the kitchen, the aroma of pancakes filled the air as my almost 12 years old decided if mom wasn't going to get out of bed he was going to get breakfast on the table. Mitten, scarves, and hats were dug out of the basement from last years trip to Utah and the boys couldn't wait for the green light to go outside. They won their battle of begging around 8:30 am. Not too long afterward, neighborhood children joined them. Snowballs went flying through the air. The plastic sled was put to good use with trip after trip down the littlest of hills but no one cared. They were having fun. Later my husband took the boys on a walk in hopes of making their energetic bodies weary. The day is over and I am starting to feel a little stir crazy, and tomorrow schools are canceled again because of freezing temperatures leaving the roads covered in ice. Hopefully, by tomorrow afternoon it will warm up enough that the boys can build a snowman. I also wouldn't mind getting out of the house. Sadly tonight I got a phone call that my grandmothers' sister Peg died today. She was 82. I am sure the reunion with my grandmother who passed away when I was 10 and her other family members were sweet. She was a great woman. She worked on the Lowell police force for many years and raised two wonderful children along with taking care of me for many years. She will be dearly missed.


Francesca said…
Sorry about your loss. Enjoy the snow!
Ayak said…
I'm sorry for your loss xx

Don't the kids just love the snow? Wonderful pics.
Unknown said…
I saw this on the news today and thought of you! How fun for your kids!! I'm sick of the snow already and we just got back to it! Yeah that you are still pregnant...when I saw comments about your "loss" I panicked. Sorry for your loss, but glad it wasn't that little bun!!
Emily said…
So very sorry about the loss of your great aunt, Kelleyn.

The snow looks like it was great fun!
Dana said…
Your family is in my thoughts, sorry about the loss.

But snow! How fun for those boys! I have a teacher girlfriend in Decatur who is enjoying the snow days! (So sad about the fatalities. . .)

cate said…
condolences for the loss of your great auntie.

all my ATL friends are up in arms about the snow. quite the craziness with no snow ploughs, etc. rest up, mama. sleep every moment you can. xoxo
Unknown said…
Everywhere I go in blogland, people are having a snow day! Hope you all enjoyed it! :)
Guusje said…
Sorry about your loss, dear Kelleyn.

And what a great news being pregnant, congratulations!!!!!
x Guusje
shayndel said…
Sorry about your loss, all the best wishes to your family.

Your post is so full of many things, as the snow is making everything white...take care and hope you can get out and enjoy it too:))

A Happy New Year,
and Congratulations on your pregnancy!
Joyce said…
Sorry about your loss.

The smiles on all of those faces looks like they are enjoying all of that snow! xo

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