Today I woke up to the snuggles of my three year old Roman. He is good at snuggling. Dressed in his soft-footed polar bear jammies he cradled with both his hands my face and gave me a kiss. "Good Morning Mommy," he said sweetly in his child's voice that at times still can't pronounce all words correctly. I am going to miss that sweet voice. The sun came up earlier today as we have officially moved back the clocks, and I like that. Nothing worse than waking up in the dark. I don't mind that it means that it will get darker in the evening. Dew stretched across my grass for it seems that winter might come knocking on our door sooner than we think. Though they say it is suppose to be 65 degrees today. After getting the children settled, I crawled back into bed to prepare my Sunday school lesson. Today it is on Job. Job was a man who was blessed by God. He had everything. God loved how even though Job had everything he was still a man of integrity. Then along came Satan and said to God,"It is easy for him to be a man of integrity when he has everything. What would happen if it was taken away from him?" God thought about this and sent trials to Job even though he loved him very much. Job lost everything. His wealth, his family, and even his health. Yet Job still loved the Lord and testified of him. In the end, the Lord blessed him with more than he had before. Right now it seems that the Lord is testing my family. I pray that I can have the strength of Job. I need to set up an appointment for a rheumatologist. When they were doing the test to see why I am not getting pregnant one test came back positive for an autoimmune disease. This test is linked to Lupus. I am not sure if I have Lupus or not. I do know I have had problems with my joints for years and have really seemed to have problems this week. My hands have ached. I went to the doctor once about this, but they didn't really take me serious. I gave up because really I don't want to live a life on medication. However, I think I better at least investigate this test findings. On another note, yesterday was my cousin Mia's birthday. She turned 8. We celebrated her birthday by eating pink cupcakes and going to see the movie Mega Mind. The kids loved the movie and I like the theme that it is never too late to change who you are and become something better. Harris went camping with the Boy Scouts and had a blast. It was also St. Martin Day yesterday at German School. I am sad that I forgot my camera at home. Roman was so cute with his little paper lantern singing the song Laterne Laterne Sonne Mond und Sterne.


I wish I could be there to give you a hug, so instead I'll send you a virtual ((HUG)) and keep you and your family in our prayers.
You're in my prayers! Please let me know the results!
sandals said…
Praying for you, woman. Keep us posted. You have a great outlook and support system! You are loved!
I just came over to reply to the comment you left on my blog about traveling... Then, I read this post and wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you. Wait until all the testing is done and if you are not satisfied with the doctor or question anything.. PLEASE go and get a second opinion.. In the meantime, lots of prayers your way!
I know that life can be VERY trying sometimes...

If you'd like to email me @ I can answer your question in more detail... I really don't have a ton of money, actually... but I don't have a lot of expenses.. and I DO make a point to save my earnings for travel!

Big hugs to you,
Francesca said…
I'm so sorry the tests didn't come back negative. Seeing a rheumatologist seems a very important step, make that appointment. Hugs.
Anonymous said…
This is the first time I've posted on a blog...hope I'm doing it right.

Your in my prayers. I was a severe anemic (not from lack of iron) and had joint ach and tired all the they gave me all kinds of tests and tested me for Lupus as well....and sent me to an RA doctor....Ruled out RA and Lupus..have some autoimmune disease but they don't know what is causing it...gave me folic acid to build the blood and I see doc every six months for blood tests...been stabel at the boarder line of anemia for over a year now...joints hurt but it comes and goes...So all that to say, it doens't necessarily have to be RA or Lupus but go now so if it is you can start treatments and hopefully it isn't and you can put your mind at ease. I pray it isn't...God Bless.
Palmer and Co said…
Sending my prayers to you that answers will be given and that God's grace will pour over you, your body and your family.
Arctic Mum said…
Go make that appointment at a doctor you trust, and hopefully you'll get an answer fast. And remeber, things are normally not as bad as we tend to think!

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