ideas for Chrismas card???

Thanksgiving was a success as we spent the day outside on our deck enjoying the last of the warm weather. Vincenzo and Costas helped our family polish off almost 6-holiday desserts. That was a first. The boys have decided that they love apple pie. In the past, we barely made it through one pie. Wow! Anyway, we went to see Harry Potter today. The boys loved it! Roman enjoyed a play date with his friend Peter in the meantime. Someday when he is a little older he too can watch the Harry Potter series. For dinner, we finished off the last of the turkey in Turkey Tetrazzini. I wouldn't mind just one more sandwich, but we are out of turkey. I guess I will have to wait till next year. So, I have been playing around with Christmas card idea. Let me tell you getting photos of three wiggly boys is no easy task. I have to say my boys don't make very good photography models. One doesn't want to smile right now. Another when he smiles crunches up his nose and closes his eyes, or he doesn't look into the lens. I have been contemplating whether I should do one this year. I mean do people still enjoy getting Christmas cards in this day and age of Facebook and blogs? What do you think about these card ideas? Which is your favorite?


Andi said…
I saw your post on Facebook and agree with most everyone that I still like a snail mail card. There's something about opening the mailbox. Plus, I'll take the time to look, read, and enjoy each card. My husband enjoys looking at all of them when Christmas is alot closer. As for the email card... I might glance at it, but have never printed one out to keep in my box of cards. There have been a few e-cards that I've felt were heart felt, but usually it's last minute and I don't want to spend any money that comes across the most.
I LOVE the family photos! The boys are such a good mix of the both of you. We too, took our boys and went and saw Harry Potter today; they came out wanting the last movie to be ready for them to see. Happy Holidays. A
Melly Mel said…
your boys are so beautiful. i love these pictures. so glad you guys had a great one. 6 desserts?! yum!
Dana said…
I like them all, but I choose the last one because it includes all family members.
I'll send you the recipe via email soon.
sunnymama said…
They are all lovely pictures but the first and the last are my favourites. :)
Francesca said…
I like the photo of your boys together in the first card, and the one of you and your husband in the last. I took my second born to see harry potter this weekend - we were in a city with cinemas! - but my eldest wasn't interested and didn't come.
What a gorgeous family! I like the one with all five of you.
Elisa said…
I still like receiving snail mail. I like the last photo. Everyone has their own little spotlight space. and also because of the background.
pigletinfrance said…
I love the idea of a family photo Christmas card. My favourite is the last one as it has the whole family in it, but I think the boys look very twinkly and full of mischief in the first card.

I can't wait to have a family to start this new tradition!
Emily said… probably don't need any input by now, but my favorite photo is the one of the three boys together, so i'd have to vote for either the first or second option!! and i LOVE getting christmas cards, especially photo cards!

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