Halloween Line Up




My cousin Mia came over tonight to go Trick or Treating with the boys. She was a Spider Queen. Winston and Harris were both Demons and since Roman would still not war his costume he went as Hans from Hansel and Gretel. I don't know who went to bed with a bigger tummy ache, the boys or me.

Happy Halloween!


Francesca said…
Those are really monstrous:)! Hope you all had fun, aside the tummy ache.
villa majorque said…
you all had take a good enjoy of the Halloween.all children looking scary in dresses.
Really scary and really cute!
Arctic Mum said…
What wonderful costumes! The Hallowen tradition has only just been a popular celebration recently in Norway, we didn't have it when I was little, and not even a few years cack. But it's getting bigger, however we didn't do anything about it this year, to much sadness from my 5-year old. Promised her that next year we'll get a costume and a scary mask.
Theresa said…
The CV theme is "famous" from Don. Happy fall!
Follygirl said…
Ach wie niedlich, mit echter Lederhose und tolle gestrickter Trachtenacke...
Liebe Grüße, Petra
Elizabeth Lyng said…
Looks like you guys had a fun time; I've been sneaking my kids' candy all week!
OH Wow!!

They are ALLL soooo cute! I have to catch up with your blog now! I missed alot!

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