Sapphire and Emerald

Hi! How was your weekend? We had a fantastic weekend! We spent the weekend at the Lake. Celebrated going back to school in the neighborhood at the pool, and spent Sunday cuddling on the couch after church watching a movie and eating cake. Meet our newest family members Sapphire and Emerald. Aren't they cute?


Ayak said…
My weekend was spent mostly indoors because it was too hot to do anything or go anywhere.

I love Sapphire and Emerald!
Marla said…
Awww... Pretty birdies. :)

Marla @
Awwww... Tooooo cute! I LOVE budgies... I had two when I was a kid - teenager! I also had two cockateils for a long time... I LOVEEE birds!! Enjoy your birdies!!!

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