Found One Orange Bear

My husband found a huge nail in the passenger side front tire, as he was about to send us off on our trip to Savannah. Thankfully, our tire shop was able to fit us in without causing too much delay. Then about 90 minutes south from our home as we were sitting behind a long line of semi-trucks due to an accident above, I looked out the window and saw an orange bear inside a sandwich box. I said to my boys, "Look there is a bear on the side of the road." Before I knew it my oldest son had jumped out of the car to pick it up despite me begging him to leave it be. Inside the box was a certificate of ownership to a little boy named Robbie saying that the bear's name was Baloo along with a couple of used movie tickets from April of 2008. I realize it is kind of gross because I have no idea where this bear has been, but what was I to do. The rest of the way there we had fun imagining stories of how the bear got on the side of the road. What do you think his story is ????? More photos of our trip to come in the next couple of days.


Company EIGHT said…
Glad you found the nail before you left!!!

I love that picture--how fun to imagine the bear's story!

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