Lost in Sweden

When I was 17, my mom took me on a ten-week trip to Europe. I know, I am so lucky! We started in England, went to up to Scotland, and then got on a tour bus that took us to Russia and Scandinavia. We had so much fun! However, in Sweden, I left my Top Sperry's otherwise known as Top-Siders. I loved though shoes! I know exactly where I left them. I left them halfway tucked under the bed at the hotel. Ugh! By the time I realized that I had left them behind we were in Denmark. Moral of the story, always make sure you do a sweep of the hotel room before you leave and that means looking under the bed. I have missed though shoes all these years. If I could live in an advertisement print it would be for Tom Sperry. I love Nautical scenes and I love Nautical colors. I finally bought a pair a couple of weeks ago along with a pair of Keds. In style or out of style, I can't wait to wear these shoes this weekend when we go to Savannah.


I had a pair of them too! I wore them until there was a hole in the bottom! What a sad day it was when I finally threw them away.
Tuas, effet eu beaucoup de chance de te voir offrir un pareil voyage.Nul doute qu'il te changea profondément.

Cate said…
timeless. you go out and rock those new shoes, mama! and show us pictures please!
kyndale said…
My gosh! I had some of those in the 80's. I think everyone had a pair!

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