Lady and Sons

While there are lots of places in Georgia to eat southern style food, Paula Deen is the Queen of southern cooking in Savannah. For those of you who live in the states, you might know her from her show on the Food Network. My family visited her restaurant Lady and Sons 4 years ago when we went to Savannah and loved it. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to get into her restaurant these days. Her popularity has spread around the world. So be warned if you want to get a taste of some of the best comfort food in the south, then be prepared to be waiting in line at 7am. They begin taking reservations at 9:30am. Now things might be different in the winter months, but I am just telling you if you plan on walking in off the street then good luck. If you are a party of 10 then it is easier to get a reservation over the phone. Other good restaurants in the are The Crab Shack and her brothers' restaurant Uncle Bubba's Oyster House that features fresh seafood.


I absolutely LOVE Savannah! MY sister RAVES about Paula Deen's restaurant. She said the fried macaroni and cheese is the best thing she has ever eaten in her whole life. She talked about it SO much that I taught myself how to make it! LOL! It's probably not as good, but it's all I've got!
Dana said…
Would love to try this! I don't know that I'll ever get to Savannah, though. Lucky you!
Company EIGHT said…
I have wanted to go there forever...looks fantastic!!

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