Today was a holiday here in Switzerland-May Day or maybe some church holiday. I am not sure, but everything was closed down. We took the boys to an Animal Park/Forest (Peter and Paul WildTier Park) just a few minutes away from our apartment. The weather started out bad with down pouring rain and we almost had to go home, but we waited about 10 minutes and the sun came out. Inside the park are a dozen or so animals in caged off areas. We saw a bobcat, rams, mountain goats, and a few varieties of deer. What is nice about the park is that it is located on a hill above the city, so you get a fantastic few. You can also see the Bodensee which is a really large lake about 5 miles down the road. When we were done we had worked up a good hunger and we were hungry for Bratwurst on rolls. You can find these everywhere in Germany; especially, near the train station or pedestrian areas. We first looked at the train station. Nothing. We knew some restaurants were open because we could see the people sitting outside enjoying their meals. We started to walk into town, and that is when the children saw McDonald's. We really didn't want to go because we can go to McDonald's anytime when we are home. We knew we lost the battle though because by this time the children were really hungry. The children wanted Happy Meals. We went inside and were shocked by the prices. We ordered 2 kids meal and a Medium drink. The total-hold on for this it was $18.60. Ouch! Almost double the price at home. Actually, we have really been shocked this time at how expensive everything is. With the dollar being so week it is even worse. I bought a package of 60 diapers on Wednesday and that cost $26. 12 eggs cost around $2.60 and that is for the budget eggs not organic. Along with walking everywhere, climbing three flights of steps to our apartment, and the food prices being so high. I think I am going to lose some weight this summer.


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