Family Fun at Ludwigburg Castle

Located in Ludwigsburg, Germany north of Stuttgart is a really fun place to take your children. It is apart of the grounds for the Ludwigsburg Castle called Maerchen Park. We have been there now two times and we still haven't seen everything. There is a really fun mini train to ride or a little mini boat ride. Children can explore the park at their own pace while learning the famous fairy tales that we have all grown up with. You can even climb to the top of Rapunzel's tower. Low on cash, then no worries there is a really fabulous playground located adjacent to the grounds near the parking lot. Even my nine-year-old boy had fun and I thought he would be too old to enjoy it.


Company EIGHT said…
I love reading your blog, and seeing people and places that I've heard you talk about but couldn't imagine. HOW fun!

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