Mt. Santis and the Rheinfalls

Mt. Santis is the tallest peak in this region. From the top, you are promised a view of six countries, but this is on a none cloudy day. Despite the clouds, the view takes your breath away you can't help but feel closer to God. We enjoyed our little adventure though some in our group had their doubts. I will not name names. The picnic was yummy; especially, the egg salad sandwiches. The price just about killed us and put the rest of the day's plans on hold for another day ($120). We still haven't gotten over how expensive everything is. On the way to the Mountain, we also saw a group of Alp singers practicing in the parking lot of the Arizona Bikers Bar. This gave us a good laugh. I am not sure if they could have worn those clothes in the parking lot of any biker bars in the United States.

Rheinfalls is a must see! This waterfall located in Switzerland near the town of Schafhausen it is the largest waterfall in Europe. Though it is not tall it is wide. The flow and power of the water is pretty impressive. I think this is one stop you will not regret making.


adgasdg said…
Love the comment about the Alp singers. They look great! I also love the cows. We are doing well and enjoying the warm weather.

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