Road Trip/Day 1 A little secret

Roman loves chasing the seagulls
A little Boogie Boarding never hurt anyone
Building sandcastles in the sand
barefoot and fancy-free
I have a little secret. Don't tell anyone! The secret is that the best beach in the south is Gulf Shores, Alabama where the sand is as white and fine as baby powder. No Crowd!!! Yummy Restaurants and you can pull your car right up to the beach, so no need to slept ones things for miles. On our way to Galveston, we made a little detour to Gulf Shores because we love it so much. Then why to Galveston? Well, we bought a timeshare there 5 years ago. When we go to Gulf Shores we always eat a Lulu's which is owned by Jimmy Buffets sister. The restaurant is bright and fun. The children love the outdoor sandbox and water feature. It is best known for its seafood.

Lulu's Restaurant
East 1st Street
off coastal hwy 59
Gulf Shores, Alabama


Jenna said…
FUN . FUN . FUN!!! What a beautiful beach! Thanks for the tip!
Oh, how I do miss the beach!!! Walk through the sand and squish it between you toes for me. Looks like you all are really enjoying your "mini" vacation!

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