New Recipes and Old Friends

With these ingredients is can only be delicious
If you choose raspberries then make sure they are o side up
Yummy and not too sweet

Today I tried a new recipe called Raspberry Buttermilk Cake from another blog called the Smitten Kitten. It worked and was delicious, but since Memorial Day is around the corner I added blueberries and lowered the temperature to 350 degrees from the original recipe of 400 degrees. It bakes up amazingly fast only 25 minutes and if you aren't careful it will get too dark. The only mistake I made was that I didn't put the raspberries o side up and, so I didn't get the same design on the top. The recipe goes fantastic with a side of vanilla bean whip cream. Then I took it over to an old friends house. I haven't seen her in years because she usually lives in Italy and when she does visit she is so busy visiting all her family. It was so wonderful seeing her again. It really seemed like yesterday that we last saw each other. We met 5 years ago when our boys were in preschool together. Our boys were the best of friends. Today was a happy occasion because we were celebrating the adoption of her twin girls. My heart was so overjoyed for her because this has been a long road for her of failed pregnancies and one failed adoption after having the baby for 10 days. The girls were beautiful and smelled like heaven.


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Kim N said…
This looks delicious! I love summer desserts made with fresh berries. I will have to give it a try soon.

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