Queen, Knights, and Rooks

Harris obstacle chess 4th grade Champion
Winston top 5 Bug House Chess

The end of the school year is almost to a close, and so is chess. The boys have both played chess since Kindergarten. Some years they have played better than others, but what is more important is the skill it teaches them to think logically and outside the box. Harris participated in a regional tournament and while he did not win an individual trophy he helped his team win a 3rd place trophy.


Jenna said…
Good Job Harris and Winston! That is so awesome that they enjoy it and they are learning so much!
Audra said…
I think that is awesome they are on the chess team. They could beat me, that's for sure!

And to answer your question on my blog- we just got a new scanner so I went scan happy and scanned a bunch of old photos of our fam. That, and I don't have any new material to blog about. In other words, I'm being a lazy blogger for a while! :)
Company EIGHT said…
Congrats boys!!! That is awesome!

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