This week we had the opportunity to get away for 2 days. Our first stop was Lucern. We almost didn't make it because it just seemed like nothing was working in our favor, First, Frank had to send off some data, so we didn't leave the house till almost ten. Then we kept getting lost or stuck in contruction traffic. It was crazy. I also forgot my jacket. However, we finally made it and it was well worth it. Lucern is my favorite city here in Switzerland. Our first stop was the Lion Wall. It was contructed in remembrence of those Swiss soldiers who fought in the French Revolution. Then we went to the would covered bridge. The city is surrounded by mountains the crown jewel being Mountain Pilatus which is almost 7,000 feet tall. The restaurants along the lake were a little out of our price range, but we went to the top of a local shopping center called Manora and ate at there roof top bistro. Delish and half the price!


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