Bern Part 2

I just wanted to add this photo of Zeitglockenturm. If you have a chance to ever go to Bern this is a must see. At a quarter to the hour, the show begins. It only lasts for a view minutes where the figurines move, but it is one of the best examples in Europe of European clockwork. Also, on another note, the city is really easy to get around and has at least a mile of covered walking space where you can go to one shop to another where you will not get wet from the rain. This was a precursor to the American mall.


Company EIGHT said…
As always, I'm amazed by the photos you post here. Someday I WILL go there!
Em said…
It looks like you guys are taking advantage the wonderful opportunities provided to you, thats great. I love the hike in the Swiss Alps, I think I just love the Alps :) Someday we will make it over to Switz, I will have to get your top destination places, to make our traveling a little more efficient. Sorry, about the bees, they really are bad.

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