An Afternoon in Konstanz

Our time here in Switzerland is almost up. We can't believe it has been almost 4 months since we left our home in the States. We have had a wonderful time, but we are also ready to go home. As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, "There is no place like home there is no place like home." I am ready to click my red shoes and return home. However, before we go we are trying to squeeze in a few more places to see and visit with friends. On Sunday after church we left the older two boys with a girl from church, and we headed to the Bodensee. The Bodensee is also known to us in the U.S. as Lake Constance. We went with a colleague and also a good friend of my husband and his family. Since we hadn't been on the ferry boat we started off in a neighboring village. The boat goes from one town to another and you can get off when you want. The weather wasn't that great but the company was. We got off in Konstanz which is in Germany. It is a really great town. The harbor is lined with restaurants and places for the children to play. The inner city is vibrant and buzzing with activity even on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Throughout the city, you find beautiful old painted buildings, really cool water fountains that are real pieces of artwork and beautiful old churches. The photo of this statue in the harbor is really a prostitute that lived in Konstanz. The story goes that she was so desired that not only the king visited her, but also the pope. Oh My! The joke behind the statue is that who really held the power in the city was the prostitute.


Nursequinn said…
It looks like a very lovely place. Like your choice of music too. Will be in Charlotte a week from Sunday.
Melinda said…
I love reading your blog--I'm so jealous of all the neat things you have gotten to see!

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