I did it!

Ok, you are wondering what I did. Well, I climbed Mt. Kronberg which is a smaller mountain in front of Mt. Santis. It has an elevation of about 4800 feet. The views were stunning. I know there are no pictures. I am a total loser. I didn't bring the camera with me. I didn't want to carry it. The weather was forecasted to rain, so I thought we wouldn't get any good photos anyway. So wrong! This photo I borrowed from Webshots. It would have made for the perfect Christmas card. Just imagine the last scene in the Sound of Music where they are climbing the mountains into safety. You could see all the way to the Bodensee which is only 10 minutes from our house, but 40 minutes from there. On top was a cute little church. Winston was so cute he said,"Mommy, why are the cows sitting outside the church." It was just like being Heidi the cows and goats were roaming all over the mountain. My only complaint is the smell. I still haven't adjusted to it because it bothers me just as much as the first day we arrived. One good thing is that it wasn't to hot. I have been actually complaining about all the rain here in Switzerland, but it does make for good hiking. Now, after climbing for two hours straight up I need a good soak in the bath because my knees are killing me.


I just wanted to thank YOU for leaving me a comment! How in the world did you stumble onto my blog?? I thought it was cool. I'm glad that I was able to shine some light in your life. Honestly I know how frustrating it it trying to lose baby weight. My baby is 9 months old and I'm still 40lbs heavier than I was when i got married. I thought I used to look like hot stuff, but not so much anymore:) Losing my hair has been a tough one. I really don't know how I face each day. I did get a fancy new wig...pictures soon to come, so look for those. Anyway, keep your head up and thanks for checking us out! I thing you are adorable!!
acte gratuit said…
Hello Likes Chocolate! Cool blog! What are you doing in Switzerland? (Did I spell that right? Is that where you are?) I'm super jealous that you get to live in Europe. That's where I WISH we had ended up! I stopped by your other blog before this one, and I have to say, that little Roman is so stinkin' cute! I want to kiss his sweet cheeks!!! (But I wont. I'm not a complete stalker.)
Well, thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back any time! :)
Nadja said…
Congrations to climbing Mt. Kronberg!!!

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