It's been a while!

Hi!  Man the last couple of weeks have been crazy!  As a photographer right now is my busiest time!  It is without fail that even with major advertising in the fall, everyone waits till weeks before Christmas to get their family portraits done!  I have a couple more sessions and I am finished for the year!  We have also been busy completing all our medical appointment for the year such as dentist, physicals, and then added appointments of Corona Shots for the kids.  If you don't believe in the shots for kids, please keep your opinions to yourself.  I am choosing to get my children vaccinated not so much for themselves, but because we have many elderly people in our lives and I would hate for my children to get someone sick.  Knock on wood, none of us have a Corona!  Though, I just got a message from my son that the boy he rides to school with is sick.  So, I need to go get him tested.  Anyways,  Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  We stayed home this year and it was just our family.  My husband kept begging me to take them somewhere, but I kept telling him that we were practicing the art of being bored.  My children are a little over-indulged with trips and being entertained that I decided this Thanksgiving break they would need to learn how to entertain themselves.  They actually did a really good job and didn't mind being home!  We did go out one afternoon to do a little shopping and see a movie!  I took the girls to see the movie Encanto which is a Disney film set in South America and is about a girl whose family all have special gifts except her and she is really sad about that, but in the end, she realizes that she does have a special gift.  The girls seem to like it well enough, but it wasn't my favorite Disney movie by any means.  Well, I need to run!  The girls will be home from school in an hour and all I have managed to do today is get the oil changed in the car, go grocery shopping, and try to wrap up our holiday shopping. I still have a few more gifts to buy, but in the meantime, I need to go tackle the laundry which never seems to end!  Have a  great week!

Addy and I went to Moriah's bridal shower!  My bad in taking Addy as I forgot at Bridal showers they give lots of underwear.  Thankfully, Addy is too little to understand what all the underwear is for and thought it was pretty funny!

Last week, I was able to get away for the morning and go hiking at a park that I was scoping for a photoshoot.  The park is called Old Rope Mill Park and is located in Woodstock, Georgia.  The location is a perfect backdrop for photoshoots.

The girls couldn't wait this year to put up the Christmas tree, so we called the sister missionaries over and invited them to help us.  Afterward, we ate cookies and drank hot cocoa!

The boys refused to let me take their pictures on Thanksgiving.  We kept our dinner also pretty simple this year with just turkey, mashpotatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, gravy, and rolls.

One night when we were coming home from Karate we were greeted with this gorgeous sunset!  Amazing!!!!!

The girls were so happy to go to the movies!  We had been since before Covid hit!  

Ivy and I stopped for ice cream in Murfreesboro, TN when we were scoping for places to do a photoshoot for one of my clients.

Roman got a haircut!  He rarely lets me take his photo these days, so when I get the chances I seize it!

Roman is really into cooking at the moment and we made this new recipe by David Lebovitz for chicken bulgogi.  It was so delicious!  It is one of our favorite recipes at the moment.  


William Kendall said…
Amazing sunsets.

I've only been in a theatre once since Covid, and that was a museum Imax documentary on Egypt.
Dearest Kelleyn,
Indeed, the year is spinning fast towards the END.
Pieter is done with his medicals and I need some blood work done in December with fasting.
Right now the painters are doing the exterior; finally since I requested it in April. But we had a wet spring and summer.
The paint store got closed on Wednesday early, and only on Monday after Thanksgiving it opened, also short on paint due to the supply chain issues.
Good for you to just stay home for Thanksgiving!
Great photos.
Dearest Kelleyn,
Don't know when you and Ivy were in Murfreesboro, TN but we were there last month as well. For a sad reason though.
Emille (Jesh) said…
Hi Kelleyn, just saw your comment. I can think of a reason why you thought of me when I dropped out from blogland for a month or so. Remember you have a print of one of my Xmas paintings? We may not know each other in person, but some bloggers become as close as real friends (in real life). Anyways, nice to know I was missed:)
The waves in your son's hair - I wished I had them! In a couple of years he'll be a real heart breaker:)Your kids are getting soo big - before you know it you will be the mom of teens!
NCSue said…
Such wonderful family photos! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.
Thanks for sharing at
That park looks like a lovely place for a photoshoot. Just got our 9-year-old granddaughter vaccinated today.
Stacy said…
Visiting from "My Corner of the World" blog! how fun to read your blog! You have a beautiful family! I also love the photo of the sunset!!! It's nice to find new blogs to read!!!
Stop by and say Hi sometime!!
Glad you are reaching the end of your busy period. Old Rope Mill Park looks beautiful. I love your tree too. My kids were definitely over-indulged with trips when they were young. The only thing I would say to you is that they grow up quickly and then the times they are available to come out with you are few and far between.
betty-NZ said…
Lovely Christmas photos!

Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!
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