The Algarve Coast

Years ago, I saw a YouTube video on the Algarve Coast and it totally enchanted me.  It definitely lived up to be everything I dreamed of and so much more!  In reality, I could have probably spent my whole vacation on the Algarve.  We stayed in the town of Lagos which is probably the most famous of the towns along the coast, but there are many other cute and charming towns that would be as equally worth visiting.  The hotel we stayed at was lovely.  It was clean, close to the beach, and had a pool. While it wasn't really within walking distance of the beach, it was within walking distance of the town center.  Another nice thing about the hotel was that it had parking.  I found the hotel Tivoli Lagos on  This is not a paid post, but I wanted to share with you where I find my hotels.  I also use Air B & B from time to time and we are frequent members of the Marriott Bonvoy program.  While you can get to Lagos by train, I would recommend renting a car as it will give you access to exploring other little towns at your convenience and have access to a variety of beaches.  On our first night, we were so tired, but we needed to eat dinner, so just right before sunset we drove out to the Ponta da Piedade which gave us a lovely lookout view of the coast.  Unfortunately, since it was Friday night the restaurant we had chosen was fully booked, so we went back into the city center and to an Asian-inspired restaurant called Gorilla. The Thai dish we had was fantastic!  Well, I need to run to Costco to pick up some snacks for tomorrow's soccer game.  I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Dearest Kelleyn,
You sure captured some great photos!
Lagos looks to be lovely.
William Kendall said…
Quite a different world.
Barbara Rogers said…
Those cliffs over the beach are very picturesque, and you captured their beauty!

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