Savannah on the go!

We stopped in Savannah on our way home, but it is definitely a city I never get tired of because it is so charming.  We ate lunch at Paula Deans-yum! Then drove around at looked at the cute houses before we headed home. 


Dearest Kelleyn,
You never will go wrong by stopping in Savannah!
Lovely homes and also the Catholic Cathedral St. John the Baptist is quite a landmark as well.
Got a book from Paula Dean, so typical southern and her food no doubt is yummy.
William Kendall said…
Very Southern. I've never been there.
Barbara Rogers said…
Good idea to stop and enjoy the area. I usually just zip on I-95 on my way to or from visiting family in Tampa. I don't think I've ever stopped to enjoy Savanah! It does look pretty!

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