Fashing 2021

Our Saturday morning adventures in German continue and this past Saturday, the girls and I studied what is Fashing and then ended class with smoothies instead of donuts, a dance party, and making bird feeders. The girls had a good time.  Except for Ivy, the girls made their own costumes out of items that they all ready owned.  Addy was a farmer, Avery and M were M&M's, Ivy a unicorn, and L was a pilot.  Afterwards, they all went ice skating.  It was a very full Saturday.  


William Kendall said…
It sounds like everyone had fun.
Dearest Kelleyn,
Don't miss Karneval... So glad to live here in Georgia!
By the way, on my post you can learn how to make your 1st photo visible again as a thumbnail on anyone's Blog List (you don't keep one, but most do...).
Visual imaged draw a lot more attention than just plain text...

P.S. Tomorrow evening's post will be about the listing of our University Textbook...
junie-jesh said…
Looks like the kids had fun, and that is most important! You were not rally in Koln, right? Your kids look so tiny compared to their friends:)
I don't know what fashing is? But thank you so much for sharing the great time your kids had with All Seasons! Have a lovely week, Kelleyn, Jesh

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