Weekend in Tennessee

Hi!  How are you? Two weeks ago, we headed up north to Nashville for the weekend.  While there was a threat of rain and a change of plans it turned out to be an absolutely lovely weekend.  Our friend Elizabeth invited us out to her parent's farm and then to play on the nearby lake on their houseboat.  The kids had a blast!!!  We also celebrated my father's 80th birthday.   I apologize for the crappy iPhone photos as I  forgot to charge the battery in the big camera.  Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.  Well, I gotta run.  The girls have a dental appointment today.


What a fun time you had! The kids I have fun no matter what, I think! And your Dad looks great! Happy Birthday to him! I know you were happy to be there to celebrate!
Dearest Kelleyn,
Glad your weekend turned out to be a good weather weekend! Special birthdays you celebrated together.
We've been with friends on a houseboat on Dale Hollow in Tennessee and it was so relaxing, calm and away from all the noisy traffic. Just nature and water to swim.
Lovely photos, we very seldom do tote our big camera with us... So convenient and photos are not bad at all. I always can lighten them or whatever on my MAC.
We had bad weather forecasted for today, like 80% rain but going back and forth to Atlanta, nothing but clouds and even warm sunshine!
Makes the day so pleasant.
Big hugs,
junieper/Jesh said…
Suddenly I remembered I had read your port, but not given you a response back yet for All Seasons - sorry! It looks according to the kids, this was a great grandpa's birthday party. Wow, 8- is a respectable age:) Many thanks for sharing this family party with All Seasons, and hope last week ended well, Jesh

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