Happy 9th Birthday Avery

September is a busy month for birthday here at our home and basically, they are all in the same week.  My dad goes first them me, and then Avery follows just two days after me.  Due to COVID, we had a very small party with just two other girls who we have been guaranteeing with all along.  I treated the girls to a spa day and with great care we all got our nails done.  It was a great day.  Avery had a blast and so did the other girls.


DUTA said…
Happy Birthday to Avery!
What an awsome treat! spa and having the nails done! They probably felt big girls as that is usually a treat for adults (at least in my country).
Dearest Kelleyn,
Happy belated Birthday to you and also to Avery!
Glad you could pull off this fun day for the girls.
Lovely and memorable photos.
Barbara Rogers said…
Birthday wishes to all your September birthdays...as we are almost done with that month!
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