Saturday in Chattanooga

     Chattanooga is just an hour and a half from Atlanta, so it makes it very convenient to visit often.  Sometimes it seems like Chattanooga is more apart of Georgia then it is Tennessee, but I am sure anyone from there would give me the evil eye for saying that.  We originally planned to go to the aquarium, but silly me didn't think that we would need to make a reservation.  We have never had a problem in the past getting in, but I guess that has all changed with COVID.   The children didn't seem to mind so much.  We ate at Tupelo, then walked around a little, got ice cream at Ben and Jerry's, and took pictures at an Instagram installation.  Afterwards, we found this little hill and with the help of Starbuck providing the cardboard, the girls enjoyed sliding up and down the hill until it got too hot for them to bear walking up one more time. Nana is always up for an adventure, so she joined us too! It was a perfect afternoon.


junieper/Jesh said…
Such fun captures! A perfect sky ground with these umbrella's.Your daughters are such a great subject to photograph. Ever thought of a job in child photography?
Your comments about Chattanooga reminded me on a comment of the pastoral team explaining that this church has so connections to Louisiana - that made me feel like I am from the W-coast, and I ma visiting the East coast. "Visiting" because our stuff from California still has not come yet, so I don't exactly feel like I live here. Lovely to "see" you back, and enjoy your late summer week, Jesh
Dearest Kelleyn,
So that means you live near Atlanta?
Previously we more frequently went to Chattanooga but it has been quite a while. The Outlet, where we found some of our French Yves Delorme bedding and we visited with the Parents of our friend. They both have passed away...
Your trip no doubt looks like it was a perfect one.
Happy girls and also Nana seems to have enjoyed it!
Sending you hugs,
Barbara Rogers said…
What a fun trip, where you all showed your adaptability to circumstances...including ice cream! I wonder if the Tennessee aquarium is very different than the one in Atlanta. I do remember falling in love with the otter display in Chattanooga. I've also visited the one in Tampa...and basically they are great to spend hours walking around looking at fish in all kinds of settings. Everything now seems to require appointments.
How wonderful to make the most of the situation and have fun! Love seeing those happy smiling faces!
NCSue said…
Your family always seems so happy and you take such interesting journeys with the children!
Thank you for joining us at
eileeninmd said…

What a fun trip! Your girls are adorable, they look like they enjoyed themselves at the hill and with the ice cream. Great photos. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy weekend ahead.
diane b said…
That looked like an exciting day out. Love your photos.
Veronica Lee said…
Looks like a fun day out!

Love those happy faces!
Mandy said…
Sounds like a fun day! I love exploring Chattanooga!

With Love,
Tanza Erlambang said…
delicious foods and lovely kids.....
have a great day

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