They Grow UP!


Boy does this poem ring true!  When they are little the days are long, but just like that in the blink of an eye, they are all grown up.  Yes, they do grow up and to all the people who say motherhood is not a job, then they have never been a mother or a parent because being both of these has been the hardest thing I have ever done; however, I wouldn't trade anything for the blessing of being a mother to the six children who call me mom.  It seems like yesterday, I was finding it hard to believe I was a parent to a senior in high school, and just like that, I am now a parent to a senior in college.  Harris had a little break between summer break and fall semester, so he took the opportunity to drive down to Moab from Provo where he is attending BYU.  I can't wait to see where his journey takes him.  


NCSue said…
Gorgeous landscape and great photos of your family are always to be found here.
Thanks for sharing at
Dearest Kelleyn,
Yes, time flies by and it makes us want to pinch when reaching this fast-paced, almost adult period for final education. We all longed for that but are not ready for the speed.
Harris obviously is enjoying his break period and you show us such spectacular photos!
We just biked this afternoon, and so we did on Sunday. Not feeling too well though, kind of light headed afterward. It was awfully hot still. Looking forward to the pleasant days of autumn.
Need to catch up now on so many medical appointments that I postponed due to Covid and also due to our book publishing. Now that is behind us, want to get all the rest behind us and finally make my cataract surgery appointment. Hoping that all goes well, as I have only one good eye...
Veronica Lee said…

Breathtaking landscape! As always, I love the photos of your beautiful family, Kelleyn.

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