Back to School 2020


                It's that time again and this time it isn't just mom who is jumping up and down for joy!                                                                  They were all so excited to go back.  

                                         Sorry, for the picture overload, but they were all just too cute.

                                                       Addy is in 4th, Avery is in 3rd, Ivy is in first.

                                Not pictured is Roman who is doing online school this year- 8th grade.


DUTA said…
Kids are happy, parents less, because of the corona danger.
Good Luck to all!
Dearest Kelleyn,
Those are happy faces!
Let's hope things begin looking more normal again.
As for the promise of my eBook file on Monday or Tuesday, nope... It still takes longer!
William Kendall said…
Hopefully all goes well for them.
Susan said…
The girls look elated to go back to school. Their 1st day outfits are adorable. We pray that COVID stays at bay. Our schools are opening after labor day. Most are hybrid model with an option to go entirely remote.
eileeninmd said…

The are all adorable kiddies and photos. I am happy for them, I hope all goes well. Take care, have a happy weekend!
Tom said… isn't going to be "normal" for a while. One of my daughters has been a grade school teacher for 20 years said to me, how is a school that can't control head lice going to control Covid-19!
They are the cutest! Love the girl skipping onto the street! She looks like a fairy! I know they are their happy faces!
Such happy pictures! I wish my 17 year old would smile like that about school. Hope they enjoyed their days.
Love seeing this. Many kids keep loving school, don't forget. So sweet.

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