Georgia Guiding Stones

My mom turned 69 this week, so to celebrate we took a little drive over the border and went through the drive-thru at Jack in the Box. Don't worry we sanitized our hand and wore a mask. My mom couldn't have been happier. Afterward, we stopped at the lake where I tempted to teach the girls how to skip rocks. They had s blast and enjoyed being outside in the fresh air and sunshine. We were the only ones there except for a couple fishermen in their boats. Before we headed home we stopped at the Georgia Guiding  Stones. Erected in 1980, for what purpose I don't know, but now we can say we have been there now.


Dearest Kelleyn,
Happy belated Birthday to your Mom, she's just a bit younger than I'm.
What a happy day you created for her!
Big hugs,
NCSue said…
Love the donkey. Or is it a burro? Or perhaps a mule? Or an ass? (I'm clearly no expert!)
Thanks for sharing at
Barbara Rogers said…
I had to google this of first thought was it's like a modern day rosetta stone. But all that I read left me still thinking how weird it is. Glad you had fun visiting, the kids look great, and that's a great donkey!
juniepre/Jesh said…
Oh that means Jack in the Box was open?! Great you all could get out and enjoy your mom's birthday! Simple but in this time, we are happy to celebrate, even in a simple way. Many thanks for sharing this cheerful day with us at All Seasons. Have a joyful week, Jesh
Anonymous said…
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Holly said…
Glad to here you got out for some sunshine and birthday visit.
Yukbanyuwangi said…

Its wonderful, very nice. Thanks!

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